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Billy Mays III
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Billy Mays III This is just dirty dirty music that deserves to played during all kinds of parties. (Including partying with oneself.) Favorite track: Through The Rye.
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released April 7, 2013

Joe Seul - Words and music
Kenra Whyte - Vocals
Stephen Schermerhorn - Mixing and mastering
Cris Carlson - Piano and additional synths



all rights reserved


RaeF Sarasota, Florida

RaeF is the solo Audio/Visual/Experience project of Joe Seul, established in 2004.

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Track Name: Nothing Hurts
Forget about a broken heart
The pros and cons of being torn apart
Nothing hurts when nothing's real
I am not the things I feel
Track Name: Alone With You
Here I am alone in bed
Waiting for the world to end
Wishing that I could have spent more time alone with you
Petty things that go unsaid
To always break and never bend
I could have been a better friend, had I never wanted you
Track Name: I Want To Believe
I want a taste of the sweet
Between your tongue and teeth
A little space to retreat
While I sink into sheets
I want to believe
You could find it in me
A reason to breathe
Not just struggling to be
Track Name: Can't Wake Up
My head and my hands, and all of their plans
Falling apart through a hole in my heart
At the end of the night, we look to new life
Stuck in a dream and I can't wake up
Track Name: Jellyfish
Jellyfish, jellyfish, below the sea
Track Name: Broken Dream
I had that dream again
You were spinning around, around, inside my head
And you said- "I'll never be much more. I'll never be much more than this."
And if I wake up, you'll be gone
Because you are just a black hole
At the bottom of a broken dream
Where all unfinished thoughts go
To sing themselves to sleep
In this bed you've made up
Of all the secrets that you keep
Track Name: Through The Rye
When I thought I caught your body coming through the rye
All I ever got was a piece of my mind
Track Name: Never Told Me Why
You never told me why you had to leave here
You never mentioned why you couldn't stay
I never thought that I could stop you running
But I'm still missing you today
Track Name: Armageddon Girl
I'll be thinking of you at the end of the world
I'll be thinking of you, armageddon girl

When I dream of demons while I sleep alone
I know you've got your reasons to let me go
Track Name: Dorian Gray Revisited
You can be my Dorian Gray
Unchanged and unmoved
While I'd love for you to fade
I'd let you live in a tune
Track Name: Silly Me
I used to think I had to save you
So I could have you all my life
I came to find I couldn't change you
And I can only watch you die